The Firm

Kleopas Alliott Business Consultants’ journey, started back in 1990 in Athens, aiming to meet the needs of its clients, offering high level of Accounting and Tax services. Just two years later, the firm was accepted as a full member of Alliott Group, a Worldwide Alliance of Independent Accounting, Law and Consulting Firms.

The following years and with the catalytic contribution of high expertise executives, who were added to the firm’s resources, Kleopas Alliott Business Consultants has evolved into an organization providing services with stability, accuracy and consistency, ensuring business sustainability and full statutory compliance.

Disclaimer Statement:
As a member of Alliott Group we only accept responsibility for our own work. We do not accept liability for the work of other members. Any information contained herein, including any attachments, are general and they cannot be used or applied without specific professional consideration. Our firm will provide additional details and professional help upon request.